Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace, Ph.D Laboratory Director

Director, Vanderbilt
Brain Institute

Wallace Lab News

Graduate Student Jean-Paul Noel Awarded Predoctoral Fellowship from the Autism Science Foundation (April 2015)--Symptoms of autism can include sensory integration disturbances, making daily functioning very difficult for affected individuals. This study will provide further information on how these sensory problems are linked to the core symptoms of ASD, so that better interventions for autism can be developed.

Dr. Mark T. Wallace named the Louise B. McGavock Endowed Chair at Vanderbilt University (March 2015)--Congratulations Dr. Wallace!

Graduate Student Jean-Paul Noel Awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation (March 2015)--This research fellowship is for 3 years of support based upon Jean-Paul Noel's research on spatial and temporal principles of multisensory integration in regards to peripersonal space.

Behavioral test taps multiple senses in mice. (March 2015)--Graduate Student Justin Siemann's Article Showcased on Simons Foundation Website.

Sensory Changes in Children with Autism (January 2014)--Dr. Wallace talks about how sensory cues change in children with autism.

NARSAD Research Quarterly (Fall/Winter 2008)--Dr. Wallace Awarded 2008 Innovative Investigator (page 10)

2008 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting Explores Therapeutic Possibilities for Autism and Related Disorders--Articles

Graduate Student Leslie Dowell earns eligiblity into the Neuroscience Scholars Program--This program is a three year fellowship that enhances career development and professional networking opportunities.

Discovery Newsletter--Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (page 5)

Dr. Mark T. Wallace appointed Director of Vanderbilt Brain Institute (June 2008)--Congratulations Dr. Wallace!

Graduate Student Albert Powers earns Student Travel Award for the International Multisensory Research Forum--This award is given to outstanding graduate students attending this conference and affords them the opportunity to present their papers in a highlighted symposium. Their accommodation and travel expenses will be partly covered by the Organizing Committee. Congratulations Albert