Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace, Ph.D Laboratory Director

Director, Vanderbilt
Brain Institute

Wallace Lab News

Behavioral test taps multiple senses in mice. (March 2015)--Graduate Student Justin Siemann's Article Showcased on Simons Foundation Website.

NARSAD Research Quarterly (Fall/Winter08)--Dr. Wallace Awarded 2008 Innovative Investigator (page 10)

2008 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting Explores Therapeutic Possibilities for Autism and Related Disorders--Articles

Graduate Student Leslie Dowell earns eligiblity into the Neuroscience Scholars Program--This program is a three year fellowship that enhances career development and professional networking opportunities.

Discovery Newsletter--Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (page 5)

Dr. Mark T. Wallace appointed Director of Vanderbilt Brain Institute--Congratulations Dr. Wallace!

Graduate Student Albert Powers earns Student Travel Award for the International Multisensory Research Forum--This award is given to outstanding graduate students attending this conference and affords them the opportunity to present their papers in a highlighted symposium. Their accommodation and travel expenses will be partly covered by the Organizing Committee. Congratulations Albert