Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace, Ph.D Laboratory Director

Director, Vanderbilt
Brain Institute

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Current Members

MarkMark Wallace

Laboratory Director
Director, Vanderbilt Brain Institute

Research Interests: Multisensory processing, development and plasticity, developmental disabilities

Has been known to: herd cats... in both the figurative and literal sense.

Curriculum Vitae

Walter Walter Lee

Research Assistant II (Lab Manager)


Research Interests: Multisensory processing and developmental disorders

Has been known to: keep the lab together.

Beth Beth Sims

Assistant to the Director

Responsibilities: oversees the calendars and travel for Mark Wallace along with coordinating all Neuroscience seminars and student travel.

Has been known to: juggle multiple projects while keeping a smile on her face.

Andrea Andrea Hillock Dunn

Assistant Professor
Assistant Director of Pediatric Audiology

Research Interests: multisensory processing, development, and plasticity

Has been known to:perform renditions of America's favorite red monster, Elmo.

Joseph Joseph J. Schlesinger, M. D.

Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: multisensory integration, human factors, aural perception, temporal precision, alarm development, patient monitoring, and medical education.

Has been known to: not have any music from this century on his iPod.

Tiffany Tiffany Woynaroski

Research Assistant Professor
Speech Pathologist

Research Interests: using multisensory integration to clarify the nature of developmental disorders and to predict long-term outcomes

Has been known to: get caught binging on candy and Diet Coke at all hours of the day.

Sarah Sarah Baum

Post-doctoral Fellow

Research Interests: multisensory processing across the lifespan, neuroimaging, behavioral and neural variability

Has been known to: make decisions based on the availability of food.

Curriculum Vitae

Antonia Antonia Thelen

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Spatio-temporal mechanisms underpinning auditory-visual integration across space.

Has been known to: speaks 7 different languages.

Curriculum Vitae

Juli Juliane Krueger Fister

Graduate Student

Research Interests:functional connectivity of the anterior ectosylvian sulcus and its effects on behavior and perception

Has been known to: talk too loud.

Aaron Aaron Nidiffer

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Multisensory integration in the awake and behaving cat, auditory development and plasticity

Has been known to: have reaction times faster than normal.

Justin Justin Siemann

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Multisensory integration and deficits in developmental disorders

Has been known to: repeatedly win debates about college football with colleagues.

Juli LeAnne Kurela

Graduate Student

Research Interests:Multisensory integration and processing in awake and behaving animals, coding and functional connectivity in the brain

Has been known to: run from lab to lab across campus multiple times a day.

Lauren Lauren Bryant

Graduate Student

Research Interests: multisensory processing, autism spectrum disorder, somatosensory and auditory processing, neuroimaging, and psychophysics

Has been known to: have wacky hairstyles.

Dips Matt De Niear

MSTP Student

Research Interests: perceptual learning, multisensory plasticity, and neuroimaging of clinical populations

Has been known to: argue about the pronunciation of words like coffee and dog.

Iliza Iliza Butera

Graduate Student

Research Interests: electrophysiology and multisensory processing in patients with cochlear implants.

Has been known to: experiment.

DavidDavid Simon

Graduate Student

Research Interests: the relationship between sensory processing and functional deficits in Autism Spectrum Disorder and typical development.

Has been known to: know everything about fish tanks.

JeanJean-Paul Noel

Graduate Student Personal Website

Research Interests: Spatio-temporal proprieties of multisensory (audio-somatosensory, visuo-somatosensory, and audio-visual) integration across space (depth primarily).

Has been known to: Write super generic Research Interest statements.

Pranjal Pranjal Gupta


Research Interests: Multisensory plasticity in autism, multisensory processing and feedback learning.

Has been known to: make YouTube videos in an attempt to get famous.

Mentor: Matt De Niear

Curtis David Curtis Wegener


Research Interests: Various forms of autism spectrum disorders, multisensory processing and learning.

Has been known to: have the best Snapchat game in all the land.

Mentor: Matt De Niear

Forest Forest Ogúnyànkìn


Research Interests: Multisensory integration in language acquisition; neuroanatomical bases of mental disorders.

Has been known to: speak German and hoard Mentos.

Mentor: Juliane Krueger Fister

Gavin Gavin Gill

Research Interests:Neuroanatomical basis of multisensory integration and its relationship to ASD; Pharmacological and optogenetic effects on multisensory processing.

Has been known to: Steer conversations to wild tangents ranging from current events to fun facts.

Mentor: Justin Siemann

Chelsea Chelsea Yip


Research Interests:Feedback learning in autism spectrum disorders.

Has been known to: spontaneously burst into dance when music starts to play.

Mentor: Matt De Niear