Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace, Ph.D Laboratory Director

Director, Vanderbilt
Brain Institute




Receptive Field Organization

Framework for Dyslexia

Multisensory Processes in Autism

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The Development of Multisensory Processes. Research in this area seeks to better characterize how multisensory circuits mature during early postnatal life. The approaches used for this work range from single neuron electrophysiology to psychophysics and event related potentials (ERPs) in children.

Experiential Plasticity in Developing and Adult Multisensory Circuits. Works seeks to better understand how early sensory experience shapes developing multisensory circuits, and the surprising degree of plasticity that can be enabled in adult representations.

Spatiotemporal Receptive Field Organization and Multisensory Integration. Ongoing research in the lab seeks to describe the complex receptive fields that characterize multisensory neurons in both cortical and subcortical structures, and to describe how this receptive field architecture influences the multisensory processing capabilities of these neurons.

A Multisensory Framework for Developmental Dyslexia. In prior work we have shown that alterations in multisensory temporal processes may be associated with the prevalent reading disability - developmental dyslexia. Current work seeks to extend this finding and better elucidate the affected brain circuits.

Altered Multisensory Processes in Autism Spectrum Disorder. New research in the lab seeks to better characterize sensory and multisensory processing in children with autism spectrum disorder.